Valentine’s Day Treats

Valentine’s Day Treats

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Everyone loves candy – chocolate, gummy bears, jellybeans – so many choices, so much sugar! This Valentine’s Day, we have the candy that everyone wants AND needs without the sugar hangover… Eye candy!

Of course, by eye candy we mean the sweetest pair of designer sunglasses or frames to perfect your look and protect your eyes. The new styles from Barton Perreira use a fresh, almost-modern spin on classic styles and colors. One of our favorite styles that just came in is the “BreedLove.”

We’re also seeing a healthy balance of sweet and smart with every pair of chic readers in ProDesign’s new releases. The variety of gorgeous eye candy delivered in the new sunglass lines from Dita, Maui Jim, Persol and so many others makes keeping your eyes safe from the sun a task you’ll be excited to take on!

While you’re in our Fairhope or Homewood store searching for the perfect eye candy for you or your sweetie, schedule your annual eye exam with one of our three optometrists. Because with sharp vision and the sweetest frames, you won’t need rose-colored glasses to have a beautiful Valentine’s Day!