Choosing the Best Frames for Your Face Shape

Choosing the Best Frames for Your Face Shape

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Choosing the perfect new pair of glasses can be an overwhelming task. Which style frame? What color? Embellishments? Luckily, all you need to get on the right track is a mirror and this handy guide. We’ll help you determine the best frames for your face shape and skin coloring. Let’s get started!

First, grab a mirror and find your face shape. If you don’t feel too silly, a common way to help you visualize your face shape better is to outline your reflection with lipstick.


Find Your Face Shape

Round: Round faces are proportional in terms of length and width, and feature full cheeks, wide foreheads and rounded chins.

Square: Square faces also have proportional lengths and widths, but they’re marked by prominent jaws and sharp, angular features.

Oval: Oval faces typically feature high cheekbones and wider foreheads that taper to slightly narrower chins. Oval faces have inherently balanced proportions and are often considered to be an ideal face shape.

Heart: Heart-shaped faces also have broad foreheads and high cheekbones, but have more contrast with smaller, pointed chins.

Got your face shape? Now, let’s look at the do’s and don’ts for each.


Best Frames for Your Face Shape


Do’s: Deep frames can sharpen your softer features, and angular, narrow frames can help elongate your face.

Don’ts: Round or rimless frames


Do’s: Go for round or oval frames to soften your stronger features. Try frames that sit high on your nose.

Don’ts: Boxy, square fames


Do’s: Your face shape is the most versatile, so try out a range of styles to see what you like best. The most important thing to keep in mind is the size – make sure to stay in proportion with your face to keep its natural balance. Try square, geometric, cat-eye, or butterfly styles.

Don’ts: Oversized frames or frames that are too small


Do’s: Bottom-heavy frames like aviators can balance out your narrow chin, and curved edges on your frames will help draw attention away from a high forehead. Rimless frames are another good pick.

Don’ts: Frames with embellished tops


Consider your Color

Now that you’ve got an idea of what shapes to look for, take a minute to consider your coloring. In general, skin tones are either warm or cool. Warm skin has yellow or golden undertones, while cool skin has blue or pink undertones.

Warm Skin: Avoid pastels and keep with the warm tones naturally in your skin. Gold, red, copper, and camel-colored frames are all examples of great choices.

Cool Skin: To avoid looking washed out by your frames, go for darker colors like black, silver, blue, purple or gray.

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Quick Tips

Still feeling a little overwhelmed? Follow these basic guidelines and you’ll be sure to find a pair you love.

  • Proportion: Choose frames that are in proportion with your facial features.
  • Contrast: In general, the shape of your frames should contrast the shape of your face to balance you out. Round faces should go for square frames, and square faces should opt for rounder frames.
  • Color: Compliment your skin by choosing a color that doesn’t wash you out.
  • Personality: You should always choose a pair of glasses that makes you feel good! Which styles speak to you the most? Try to find one that matches your personal style and compliments your natural beauty.

Let’s get shopping! Come into JJ Eyes and we’ll show you the best frames for YOU!